Bullnapped – New Installment 3/7/2020

“We arrested some Mexican boys last night on drunk and disorderly and aggravated assault at a local bar. Thing is, they were drivin’ a Hummer with an arsenal of automatic weapons in the back. Your bulletin has circulated and my deputy called me at home.”

“I’m surprised they took that kind of a chance. Carroll County’s not that far away.”

“I’m pretty sure they underestimated the level of redneck in our bar. It don’t take much to set our boys off once enough beer and their women are involved. I think they were in too deep with the exits blocked before they realized it.”

“Seen that a time or two here.” Truett was waiting for the real reason for this call.

“Anyway, they weren’t so drunk they didn’t lawyer up at booking. Their lawyer got here this morning and he knows those guns are the real problem and his clients are headed back to El Paso and federal charges. He offered a bargaining chip,” Sheriff Turner paused.

“Ah, here we go. Lemme have it.”

“Seems like these fellers have a sideline aside from gun runnin.’ They needed money while their compadres were held up in El Paso so they took a contract job to mess you up with a different kind of smugglin’ than guns.”

“Drugs?” Truett was shooting in the dark.

“Nope. Seems like the old west is goin’ high tech, radioactive isotope. And it’s in your bull’s thigh.”

“On it’s way to Austin next week.” Truett’s brain clicked into overdrive.

“I don’t pretend to understand all the implications but I guess there’s a lot of money to be made using animals to smuggle this kind of illegal weaponry past Homeland. But in this case, the plan is to actually get caught. Or more specifically, for YOU to be caught.”

“And let me guess, this whole thing is being underwritten by one Ophelia Evans.”

“You got it, Buddy. She wants to bring you down and a federal espionage charge will go a long way to that end. The lawyer is headed your way with the specifics but I’m holding his boys and the guns until I hear back from you and Truett, much as I hate it, I think the State Attorney General’s office needs to be brought up to date.”

“Yeah, I hate it too, but I don’t see a way to contain this. I’ll wait for the lawyer and then give them a call. Thanks, Jeff. Some fluke of luck, right?”

“Sex, beer and rednecks can be our biggest allies in law enforcement,” Sheriff Turner laughed. “The lawyer’s name is Mathias. Jonah Mathias. Native American. I’ll wait for your call.”

“Great. Real life cowboys and Indians. Thanks again, Jeff.”

Truett disconnected the call and leaned back in his office chair. As he pondered all the possible scenarios this could develop into he couldn’t help but smile to himself that not so long ago he had thought, ‘Hey, how much trouble could a Japanese bull be as long as it gets me Katie back?’

He pushed the open intercom button on the desk phone console and bellowed, “EVERYBODY IN HERE. NOW!”