January 21, 2020

Good Morning,

Are these getting out? No one offered any input, suggestions or opinions from the January 18 post and that’s unusual. But, I will just go ahead and make a few page changes on my own today and see what you think. It’s definitely time for some story updates!

I hope the webpage is reaching you and you like what you find here.


January 18, 2020

Good Morning!

We are coming to a crossroads on a few webpage things and I would love your input. I did post a small amount of new stuff last night, but we are coming to a crossroads on the Outlaw Annie page. It’s getting long enough to become a stand-alone book. Perhaps it’s time to move it off the webpage and into production? Or, I can continue it right here. I just know there’s lots of scrolling.

The second thing concerns updates to the stories. Like Truett says, I’m leaning toward creating pages titled Outlaw Annie Updates and Bullnapped Updates for the new stuff and either a) moving the “location” pages to just one pretty picture page, or b) leaving the location pages and writing short bits from Evansville daily life on them.

Everybody knows what I mean by location pages, right? Sheriff’s Office, Fire Department and Emily’s B&B. Lacey’s will stay as a shopping page and yes, we really are working on adding some merchandise for purchase. Truvie’s will evolve into an Evans County cookbook. Church will remain daily devotions, encouragement and inspiration.

So weigh in with your comments. I can easily see Annie becoming a full-sized book. Bullnapped is slower, but will at least become a short story.

I appreciate you all so much! Seems like everyone is really getting into the webpage and I’m VERY happy about that. Share the link whenever you can!

I’ll leave things alone until I hear from you but just know there’s a new lead in Bullnapped and Chase and Annie are going to church…


January 15, 2020

There are new updates EVERYWHERE! The Bullnapped story has a Sheriff’s Office update. Outlaw Annie has updates at the fire station AND at Emily’s Bed & Breakfast. Sam snuck in an extra midweek recipe at the diner. And, of course, there’s a daily devotion. Better stay around awhile. Things are gettin’ good! MC

January 13, 2020 10:30 pm MST

Most of you are in bed by now, but when you wake up…there’s new stuff all over Evansville! 😊 I hope you are enjoying the webpage and the new stories. It’s a TON of fun for me!

And BTW, “Cowbells Ringing” is FINALLY out on Amazon Kindle. AND all three ebooks will be available to purchase in paperback by the end of the month. The books are formatted for print and ready, covers are the holdup. Baby steps…

Thank you for “following” the webpage and especially for SHARING on your FB pages about the webpage. I’m forever grateful for your support.

Love and God’s Blessings,


January 11, 2020 UPDATE

After some feedback this morning, I updated the website so you will have less scrolling. The new stories have their own pages now. The latest updates to the new stories will be posted on individual pages and then moved to the story pages after a day or so. Devotions at the church are left for three days and then deleted. Hope this makes the website more user friendly. Thank you! MC